What is Twincosmetics?
Have you ever wondered why your skin is not as pretty as you want?

Why do they appear spots, redness …?
Why has your hair lost its natural shine?
Or why do your nails become brittle and weak?
The skin must develop, not just survive !!!
Twincosmetics, like almost everything, begins in the United States.

It is a new trend that Celebrities like Longoria, Beckham or Madonna have popularized and it and it is spread  with a strong force to Europe. It is the new generation of Cosmetics and Nutricosmetics, an innovative concept and full of great common sense.

Do you know what it is?

As the word Twincosmetic itself indicates (Twin Cosmetics), it consists in approaching the care of the skin from two sectors, the external and the internal. It proposes to combine Nutritional Supplements and Cosmetics in a same beauty protocol to achieve a synergy that multiplies its effectiveness and duration of the results in the skin.
The ideal combination will achieve maximum efficiency and will enhance the effect of both products. Among the advantages, we find that its effect is more immediate and lasting than the use of cosmetics alone.
The Twincosmetic allows the Cosmetic applied to the skin to act more directly and obviously in the aspect since the active ingredients penetrate in a more effective way and the Nutricosmetics assure the repair and nutrition of the skin from the inside, maintaining its effects in time.
That’s why we can say that Cosmetics are not enough
The Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids … included in the cosmetics help to maintain the skin, but the care of the skin is the care of the health. We need to ingest the essential nutrients and take Nutritional Supplements.
The skin is a reflection of our Interior. The appearance of our skin tells us how our body works both physically and mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


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